View Full Version : Converting ABS to non-abs MC questions

07-22-2005, 12:00 AM
I guess any of you that have put a turbo coupe rearend in another car could answer this question for me as well....

I've been having problems with my brakes lately. Apparently the pressure switch is bad, so I basically have no brakes. I don't think you can get a new one at the parts store and thus far I haven't found one locally, and I just need to get these brakes fixed (plus, it looks like the pressure switch is a HUGE pain in the ass to get to and might even require removal of the MC).

So, I've been considering converting the car over to a stanard non-abs MC. I found that I can get an '86 SVO MC & booster for around $120 at advance auto parts. I read the article on this site about swapping in a turbo coupe rearend, so I know that I need an aftermarket proportioning valve and that I need to gut the factory one. I'm curious about a couple things though.

1- Why won't the factory proportioning valve work if you do this swap, even on a car that didn't originally have ABS?
2- Which line from the MC does the aftermarket prop. valve go on? This wasn't specified in the FAQ and as far as I can tell the valves only have 2 ports on them.
3- If I do this swap, basically the only lines I would have to run would be lines from the MC to the factory proportioning valve, right?
4- Where can I take vacuum from for the MC? I do know that the line's supposed to have a one-way check valve in it or something, I'm guessing this is probably important since I have a turbo car.

If I'm forgetting anything, or if anyone has any hints, let me know! I need to decide what I'm doing soon because barely having brakes is not fun.