View Full Version : AOD Rebuild - Need Suggestions

06-13-2005, 03:29 PM
Im going to rebuild my AOD from my Sport. For now it will be put behind a relatively stock SO 5.0 (HO intake & TB, some exhaust etc). Eventually Im going to put in another 5.0 with about 300 horse power to the wheels. So I want to build this thing right. Im planning on going with mostly Baumann Engineering parts - the OEM overhaul kit, the Alto Direct Clutch Pack, and their valve body recalibration kit. Ill be getting a trans cooler as well. When I replace the engine Ill use a converter around 2500 but for now Ill be using the stock one. The car really wont be seeing much track time at all. It will mainly just be a nicely powered cruiser that will see highway time as well.

Heres the Baumann website for more info on the parts. http://www.becontrols.com/products/aodcat.htm

Does this sound like a fairly solid rebuild? I was wondering if I should upgrade to the A+ overdrive servo. (Im not sure if it has the B or C servo now, I havent pulled the trans out yet). Any other suggestions? Thanks for your input.

06-13-2005, 04:12 PM
Sounds like a good plan... As far as the OD servo, it ain't real important as the tranny nevers shifts to OD under wide open throttle. If it has a C(probably), I would up grade it to at least the B. My SC tranny with the A servo(stock) and Trans Go kit is still working fine after 5 plus years...