View Full Version : Southern California 2.3 Turbo Meet and Greet

11-10-2011, 12:27 PM
4th annual Turbo Ford gathering to be held at Sonic drive-in, 1632 Lemon Street Anaheim CA 92801 on November 19th, Saturday from 4:00 pm till ????
Bring your nice car, and also bring any parts you want to sell or trade, This event is open to any vehicle with a Ford 2.3 Turbo. Also many of the old timers from the Hamburger Hanks meets will be there too. Should be fun!

There will be a gift certificate for $100 towards Sonic Food for the largest group of cars that show up.
Categories are:

1)SVO's and turbo mustangs
4)Miscellaneous(pinto's, rangers, buggy, capri, etc).

Over the summer the largest group was Merkurs, which really surprised me.

There will also be a dedicated hour for just showing off any items that you want to trade or sell, so that you arent in fear of walking away from your stuff, and also there can be more of a focus towards what you have to offer