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09-14-2011, 01:19 PM
Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that L.I.Stangs (my local forum and mustang club where I was an admin) is under new ownership. I recently purchased all rights to the site and club. The club/site also has a brand new management staff and are infused with good ideas and the desire to move the site in a new and positive direction.

We will be hosting a track rental @ Atco Raceway on Wednesday, November 9th.

**We are going on a first come first serve basis. Maximum amount of cars allowed is 15, so the first 15 people to pay are in. No payment pendings. If someone beats you to me with the cash, they get the spot.**

Cost $200 per car 15 spots available
You can pay me in person at an L.I. Stangs meet if you are local or make out a check or money order to cash and send it to me. PM me if you wish to do this and I'll send you my contact info.

All cars must be safe and able to pass NHRA tech inspection. Atco Raceway is an NHRA sanctioned track and
also governed by the rules and regulations of NJ State Police (ALL NHRA/STATE POLICE RULES MUST
BE ADHERED TO). All racers must have proper credentials and safety equipment or they will be denied the
opportunity to race.One tech card per car and driver. NO switching drivers. No splitting of rental spots. All crew members must sign the release form.

The gates for the track open at approximately 8:30am, and racing starts at around 9:30AM and goes until 4:30PM, so our goal is to arrive around 8:00 AM to set up and get the tech cards filled out, unload the cars, set up the pits etc...

Tire/Lane INFO:

Right Lane: Slicks/MT ET Street Radials/Hoosier DR's/M&H DR's
Left Lane: Street Tires and all other Drag Radials

This will apply until approximately 1:00PM, then both lanes will be open to any tire.

-There is a diner that we are going to stop at which is about 20 minutes away from the track, and from there we'll head over to the track and go racing!
-I suggest that everyone packs a cooler with some food and drinks for lunch, and maybe we'll stop somewhere local for dinner on the way home, maybe back on Long Island.

General Info:
-In case of rain, we will be given a chance to pick another date, they are pretty cool about this, so we will definitely not get screwed over by weather.
-The first 330' of the track are prepped for free(both lanes).
-You MUST have a helmet, the track says they rent helmets but prefer if you bring your own. Also for you Supercharged/Turbo'd/Nitrous guys, you need a Fire Jacket (these are not available to rent).
-Use common sense when you are on the track and in the parking lots, there are no racing/burnouts allowed in the parking lot.
-For people videotaping/taking pictures, use caution, and you cannot stand in front of the starting line at any time unless you are behind a wall, again, just use common sense so the track officials are happy.
-Only 15 cars are allowed to race during this day
-You are allowed a maximum of 4 RUNS PER HOUR!

-We encourage people not racing to come down and watch and hangout, take pictures/videos, etc...also people need to keep water in the burnout boxes, because we get to do it all...the track officials just sit back and watch, we have to run the burnout box, and we can race whoever we want whenever we want!

The original thread with a list of persons who have paid for their spots is here: http://www.listangs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=53890

Hope to see a friendly faces from the Catbird world!
This is a fun time. I usually get about 18-20 runs in per rental.