View Full Version : mustang question. wheel problem.

05-14-2005, 09:00 PM
OK so on my mustang i got 4 lugged axles and i have a set of mark vll wheels i had bought for the cougar and want to put them on the mustang. i also have the cougars sn95 axles (right size for the cougar.) wrong for the mustang. but the wheels seem to be a different offset (mark vll wheels) than the pony rims. now i see mustang guys use sn95 axles in their fox all the time but they switch to disk in the rear. so if i grab some cougar backing plates and bolt them to the mustang i should be able to use the wheels and have them pushed farther out in the rear so they don't look hidden under the quarters?

or should i just try the ranger axles and see what it looks like and if un happy grab the plates and switch axles ? am i making and sense or just talking out of my arse.