View Full Version : Declared Index Racing @ US60 Hardinsburg Kentucky in 2011

83-88T-Bird Guy
01-01-2011, 07:41 PM
** There are 6 scheduled Declared Index Races this year @ US60.

** Every 3rd Sat. night of the month starting in April.

** 35 index classes spaced every .2 seconds apart.

** As always, race entry is FREE with the purchase of a $ 15.00 card at the gate.

** Racers with slicks must purchase a $ 15.00 Test-N-Tune card at the gate.

** DOT tire racers are eligible to run 4 races these nights for a total of only $ 15.00 @ the gate.

--I am currently working on an idea for a "Pitch-In" deal whereas racers who want to gamble, can pitch in , say $ 20.00 each and the pitch-in driver that progresses the furtherest into eliminations would win ALL of the pitch-in money.

If say, 36 drivers enter the index race and 16 want to pitch-in $ 20 each, then the driver who goes the furtherest gets all $ 320.

In the event of a tie...the P-I driver with the best reaction time would win.

There is no guarantee as to how many racers will pitch in at each race.

The -P-I deal would be strickly voluntary and is designed for racers that want to win more cash than the posted "$ 100.00 to win" amount.

Details to follow.....

Link to US 60 site: