View Full Version : My 20th Anny Cat..... (Lot of pic)

10-29-2004, 04:24 PM
Since this is a new board, i got to post my new pics.... :banana: :boobies: :banana:

I made some custom Clear Corner lights and finnaly found a mint set of Cougar 20th mags with Toyo 225/60VR/15 for 300$CAN :banana:

Homemade Sub/trunk box (as shown on Cool Cats) to add bass to my Stock sound system... :giggle: :giggle:
2x No name 10" 100w RMS each 4ohm on my old Alpine 180w (must be +10 yo) with Pyramid Active CrossOver using "High level input" (Total cost = 100$) :giggle:

6x 8" Red Neon Interior lighting. (4 in the back and 2 under dash.)
It look really bad ass when dark outside... (ill take some more photo tonight at dark)... :tg: :tg:
Usually I set the back neons at "beat" and leave the front one "ON" connected to the car interior lighting circuit.. (Activate by doors or manually)

I switched for a mnustang wheel cuz the Cougar one is :bs:
It was sticking to my hand when hot outside, to small to the hands an was ugly as hell :evilgrin:

The Ford Response I got this year. :p

This one speaks by itself... :flip: :asshole: :flip:

10-29-2004, 10:33 PM
I've never actually sat in a 20th so forgive my ignorance, but is that the stock steering whell and just a ford emblem or is the whole wheel from a different vehicle?

10-30-2004, 02:09 AM
Yep!.... a Mustang steering Wheel..... :wtf:

10-30-2004, 04:09 AM
I've been thinking about replacing most of the lights in the car with cold cathodes, how well do yours work? Any issues? If the specs are true and a 12" cc only draws 5mA, the power draw would be far from noticeable, should it not? I figure one or 2 for the trunk, a 4" in the center console compartment, a 6" in glovebox, etc. Other interior lighting since the stock stuff is SO dim (then again, I'm sure most of it was due to it being the "in" thing back in the late 80's...the slight glow of the instrument cluster seems to say it was). All white light. Plus, at the average of a 20,000 hour lifetime, they'll last forever.

The CC's over the rear armrests appear to be out in the open, are they? I don't know how rare that interior is, but on mine I'd probably just cut a hole in the hangover and stick the light up in there so it isn't blinding to look at...the thought of staring at a light almost as bright (area-wise) as the metal halide in my projector is a scary thought :p