View Full Version : AOD rebuild

04-20-2005, 03:20 PM
Well I've found a guy to build my motor. (first he tried to talk me into a 600+ cubic inch 1000+hp alcohol motor he had laying around!...I reluctantly declined :grinno: ) Anyway, he's agreed to do do my motor sometime in the fall. Right now I am figuring up how much money I need to save up. Obviously with a hotter motor up front I'm gonna have to rebuild my 180,000 mile AOD. What are my options for a rebuild that would handle at the most 400 hp? I assume there are plenty of mustang rebuild kits you could buy "off the shelf". Or is it cheaper to go with a "stock" type rebuild and buy just certain more high performance or stronger parts (input shaft etc)? I know a local guy who builds a lot of autos for drag cars but I have yet to talk to him about it and he is fairly pricey. Just wanted some advice from someone who may have done a similar buildup as what I am aiming for. And what kind of dollars am I lookin' at here?