View Full Version : Flywheel Balance Mark?

10-28-2004, 06:47 PM
Putting a flywheel (from eBay, never used OEM Ford) onto a 5.0 and new AOD tranny.

There is no stripe mark on the flywheel to match up with the new Torque converter stripe.

Can it just be bolted on without worrying about it, or do I have to take the flywheel somewhere to get it balanced/striped??


10-28-2004, 10:11 PM
never heard of that one before. your flywheel is idiot proof with reguard to the crank. when it comes to mating it up to the tq, i have not been warned of such a thing.

btw,,, make for certain of one thing when you are ****tightening your flywheel to the tq***
when all your nuts are snug on the tq, glance up and see if your tq is touching your crank shaft bolts. If they are,, then your gonna be bending your flywheel when you tighten.

i had this problem with my new tq a couple years back. The tq was made for my engine but for some odd reason, the after market tq housing ended up bumping heads with the crank shaft bolt heads.
I was not comfortable continuing to tighten the tq nuts down till i figured out the problem.

my fix to the issue since i spent too much time on the phone.............. pulled the flywheel to crank bolts out and let the grinder give em hell. I took off a little bit on each bolt and that seemed to fix my issue.

sorry so windy but thought id mention this.

10-29-2004, 05:05 PM
The '84 shop manual says:

"Align the orange balancing marks on converter stud and flywheel bolt hole if balancing marks are present."

I suspect the original flywheel and converter are balanced as a unit. The marks would only be valid as long as they stay together as a pair.