View Full Version : Where to find a good 5-speed

04-08-2005, 03:10 PM
I'm starting assembling parts to do the 5-speed conversion on my car. So far I only have pedals and a turbo coupe center console. I'm having a hell of a time finding a tranny! I've only found one in a junkyard in a '92 LX 5.0 and they would not sell because the owner was going to use it himself. My question is...would I be better off biting the bullet and buying one from JEGS or Summitt for $1200 or whatever they cost or keep searching (is ebay trustworthy on something like this)? Also what type of gearing should I be looking for? I have a 3.73 geared rearend so I want something that will make it pretty docile for highway/street driving.

04-08-2005, 05:22 PM
would I be better off biting the bullet and buying one from JEGS or Summitt for $1200
id go searching for a good used tko or 3550 for that kind of money. i wouldnt pay more than say 500-550 for a good used stock tranny. there are alot of mustang forums where people are selling used stuff but you realy have to be carefull. same with ebay but id say a little safer. id be as specially carefull about something you cant pay for in person and pick up/inspect. MPS..(stangparts.com) prices arent what they used to be but a least your not going to get junk. any 86-93 V8 t5 will do. if you decide to go with a tremec you will need the matching bell housing and output yolk.

and some friendly advice...while you have the pedal assembly out of the car id suggest installing a new aluminum quadrant. its a royal pain in the butt to do with them installed in the car. if you have the stock tbird brake booster you are going to have trouble getting a firewall adjuster to work so be sure to buy an adjustable cable to go with the quadrant.