View Full Version : C4 Tranny Rebuild Help.

03-03-2005, 09:24 PM
I just got my brand new tranny pieces in the mail today. *stoked* TCI Torque Converter, Tranny Rebuild Kit, and Cooler. Anyhoos, the kit has instructions for the valve body mods, but none for the rest of the tranny. what gives??? go to their website... nothing. does anybody know where i can get some freakin instructions? or do i have to buy that stoopid manual. ugh!

or just tell me what i need to look out for. i kinda already took it apart several months ago out of shear curiousity. :lol: can't i just slap everything back in there with the newer parts? chastize you TCI!!! *shakefist*

thanks. ^_^

03-03-2005, 11:03 PM
well, when i rebuilt my aod (when i was 17 years old and fearless) i cleared the whole workbench. everything i pulled out i layed out in order and basically put everything back together in the reverse order replacing old parts with new. all i changed was i went to "performance" frictions and steels, did something with the od band and one of the servos and otherwise followed the directions on the beauman engineering valve body recallibration kit. sorry man, i forgot exactly what i did, it was 8 years ago.(where do the times go?) the torque converter was streight foward. i think as long as you take notes and just keep an eye on things you will be okay. might be safer buying some sort of book. anyway, good luck. your build has been one of my favorites...

03-03-2005, 11:41 PM
cool. that's pretty much what i was going to do. i pretty much finished the valve body already though. i found a diagram online so i think i should be alright. just wanted to know if anybody else has done it this way. thanks a bunch!

03-05-2005, 12:33 PM
taking notes now....leme see


our resident experts on AOD rebuilds. :locked:

you two need to put something together that shows those who have not dared to go there how to ID bad parts,, rebuild or basic overhaul, special toos ect ect...

I went into an aod once,, did the same and cleared the entire workbench,, got totally confused on one part went in what way and thats all it took to hose it up.

later on,, i tinkered with the valvebodies on an e4od,, :toilet:

03-05-2005, 07:10 PM
stoopid me! i get it down to the last steps when i see a spring sitting on the table. no biggie... pop of the cover to the front servo and slide the spring in and SNAP! the cover split! apparently i wasn't paying attention to the alignment of the piston to the band and the spring was compressing more than it should of been... resulting in me damaging my cover. but it just gives me an excuse to buy an aftermarket servo kit like i wanted too. ^_^ yay!

other than that it went rather smoothly. course i had to tear it down several times because i forgot the order of things, but that's just typical me. helps me to remember next time. lol. actually i get worried when something doesn't go wrong. too easy usually equals a problem...

as far as tools go, you have to get really creative with a screwdriver and needle nose pliers in some areas, but overall it's mostly your hands and noggin.

but here's a tip. PUT the shift lever/arm/thingy back in FIRST!!! otherwise you're going to cry. lol.

03-05-2005, 08:29 PM
later on,, i tinkered with the valvebodies on an e4od,, ...lol

its been so long id almost be afraid to do it again. even with the rebuild i still dont actually know how the aod actually works...i mean i know how, but not realy HOW...get that?...lol

i might dig back into one just for the experiance again. they are pretty neet.

i think the best way to fix an AOD is with a T5.... :rolleyes: