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02-17-2005, 02:35 PM
I am interested in putting a manual transmission in my 88 blue max. I know its a big job but can i take like the clutch pedal and stuff from a mustang?? Any tips u guys can give would be very appreciated.

02-17-2005, 03:38 PM
Here is the list of things you need

T-5 trans out of a 86 to 93 stang preferably (94-95 works but tail shaft is longer 3/4" and you have to upgrade to pmgr starter)

You can use Clutch& Brake pedals out of either mustang or t-bird tc

Gas pedal from a TC or manual mustang
(automatic bird has small gas pedal)

Adjustable cable and quadrant preferably, (as the stock setup has plastic teeth and may break)

Block plate (which goes in between trans and engine to keep out debris

Bell housing for 5.0 T-5, along with clutch fork

Clutch assembly

pilot bearing

You may need double hump crossmember
(depending on what your car has now)

The driveshaft should be the same as the aod & t-5 are the same length

You may need the computer from a manual 5.0 mustang depending on how your car reacts to the swap. ( mine had a surging problem)

The harness that goes to the aod is the same for the T-5
but you may wanna check the speedo gear.

Console from a TC for the shifter & armrest

Also if you want a clutch safety switch you will have to wire in the sensor to the ignition ( never hooked one up)

If I have forgotten anything, anybody let me know

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02-17-2005, 09:08 PM
i just completed mine. its actually, for the most part, easy and str8 forward. the list looks complete. i didnt bother with the clutch in switch, nobody drives my car anyway. all i wired up was the reverse light switch.

for stock / factory transmissions, i "think" you can use the 94-95 5.0 t5 but you have to use the 94-95 bellhousing. their should be enough room on the driveshaft for the extra length. 86 to 93 is your best bet.

id just go with the mustang clutch pedal asembly (turbo coupes are hydrolic and ive heard they are a little different). its a PITA too install. took me 3 and a half hours just for that.

i just kept the automatic gas pedal

save yourself and get an aluminum quadrant (to replace the plastic junker pawl) and an adjustable cable to go with it. maybe even a firewall adjuster but you will need a smaller brake booster. its easier to do now than when the clutch pedal assy is installed. the adjustable cable works great so far.

i went with a brand new king cobra clutch and PP, resurfaced flywheel. new pilot and through out bearing and rear main seal.

i re used the tbird crossmember (mine was allready double hump and in nicer shape than my donors.) i do have an extra now but its a little beat up

my computer worked with no issues at all. (88 sport 5.0)

i havnt changed the speedo gear yet although i do need to.

now might be a good time to do an exaust. mine was almost all original and every bolt i took out broke. i went with tube headers, h pipe with punched cats and cat backs. the mustang tail pipes i took off the donor (my bad for using used pipes...lesson learned) didnt fit for sh@. i had to hack them up and have them welded to even come close. they will do for now but realy have to go.

anyway...i just figured id put my 2c in...good luck man

02-18-2005, 11:05 AM
84-86 turbo coupes were cable style clutch pedals so you can use those pedals. ( mine came from 86 tc)

Not so sure about needing a smaller brake booster, you might wanna check before you buy one.
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02-18-2005, 05:38 PM
didnt know that about the earlier turbo coupes...

you only need a smaller booster if you are gonna run a firewall adjuster. it least i did. i have a upr locking fire wall adjuster that i cant use untill i get a smaller booster.

02-19-2005, 01:26 AM
oh, and I have a firewall adjuster and that big bulky booster... you can use like 80% of the adjustment before the booster bacomes an issue.